Best Meta Tour House Via Della Croce

3D Model and Rendering: 3DUntold

client: Next2D

Best Meta Tour 

A  new way to visualize entire house in 3D

For one of our customers who deals with pre-bundled houses and Real Estate, we take care of reconstructing the entire house in 3D. 

With attention to construction and technological details. 

We create 3d models of the various furnishings, for every single room in the house. 

Also we design the outdoor location, gardens, swimming pools and outdoor furniture together with the customer.

To better visualize the project of the house and tell it better to the future buyer, we used the 3d model to create a virtual tour, a meta tour, interactive.

With pictures of the construction details, info points, light changes, day and night. 

Start your Journey in the 360° Meta Virtual Tour – House Via Della Croce.


Tour House Via Della Croce

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